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Looking for Cast Announcements, Community News, or other fun things from NOVA Nightsky Theater? You have come to the right place!

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Meet the cast of After The Storm!

July 12th, 2022

Director Sarah Baczewski is delighted to announce the cast of After The Storm opening this September in Falls Church!

Frank Gorrell as Mickey

Mary Fettes as Carolyn

Emel Haddad as Kylie

Sharon Kim as Shannon

Eva Shinagel as Jackie

Jill Goodrich as Officer Guthrie

We are thrilled to welcome these four newcomers to our NOVA Nightsky family and hope all six shake all their tailfeathers!

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Meet the cast of As You Like It!

July 1st, 2022

Director Chuck O'Toole is delighted to announce the cast of As You Like It, opening this August in Vienna!
Erica Irving as Rosalind
John Paul Odle as Orlando
Mattie Cohan as Corin
Will MacLeod as Silvius
Stu Fischer as the Dukes
Jack Mayo as Jacques
Danielle Taylor as Touchstone
Kate Medwar-Vanderlinden as Phoebe
Ariana MacLeod as Audrey
Shannon McCarthy as Oliver
Kirstin Lindsay as LeBeau, Amiens, and Hymen
Brittany Huffman as Celia
Gabby Carter as Charles and William
Randall Kish as Adam and Sir Oliver Mar-Text

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NOVA Nightsky’s ‘The American Plan’ Is a Brave, Emotional Success

June 24th, 2022

"In addition to the stellar acting, deft direction and characterization and the inherent intelligence of the play itself, this production takes time to deconstruct love and portray its gentle sweetness, beauty and tenderness while never shrinking away from the explosive, violent, vengeful underbelly of what love can make people do.
NOVA Nightsky’s production of “The American Plan” is, in a word, excellent, and highly recommended." Alex Russell for the Falls Church News Press

Nick relaxes in the hammock while Gil looks on

Sneak Peek of The American Plan

June 15, 2022

In Richard Greenberg's The American Plan, Lili Adler, the carefree daughter of a wealthy German-Jewish refugee, meets Nick Lockridge while vacationing in the Catskills, and finds herself falling in love. But when her overbearing mother learns of their relationship, she proceeds to poison the young man's affection and Lili's one chance to escape her mother's control looks like being lost forever.

The American Plan runs for two weekends in the parking lot of the Falls Church Presbyterian Church. Get your tickets and enjoy some theater under the summer sky!

Adam and Ward do sound check

A big welcome to our newest leadership team member!

June 9th, 2022

When we created NOVA Nightsky Theater almost a year ago, we knew there was a key person missing from our leadership team. Ward brought his expertise as a playwright and director, and I (Jaclyn) brought my experience as a small business owner, but neither of us had any clue about anything when it came to technical theater. We decided to forge ahead and choose shows that were a light lift with tech so that we wouldn't overwhelm ourselves. We quickly learned that even a show that is "low tech" needs an expert. 
Thankfully, Adam fell into our laps while auditioning for a show. He brought us ideas for both The Feral Child and Proof (which he was in) and we knew that we didn't want to keep making art without him on board. We are thrilled to welcome Adam to our leadership team as our Design and Technical Director!

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Cast Announcement: The American Plan

May 16th, 2022

Director Paul DiSalvo announces the cast of Richard Greenberg's The American Plan

Lily Adler played by Constance Meade

Eva Adler played by Mara Rosenberg

Nick Lockridge played by Zach Adams

Gil Harbison played by Justin Meyer

Olivia Shaw played by Eva Shinagel

The American Plan opens in the parking lot of the Falls Church Presbyterian on June 17th and runs for two weekends. Tickets are $18 and on sale now in the box office.

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Proof Examines Complicated Family Relationships

May 12th, 2022

"This wasn’t a show I had any familiarity with but immediately found myself drawn in to. As someone who has dealt with mental health struggles many times before, I was incredibly interested in Catherine’s character as she deals with her own mental health issues while taking care of her father then going through the grieving process." Amanda Snead for the Falls Church News Press

Read our entire review at the Falls Church News Press

Proof by NOVA Nightsky Theater

Pulitzer prize winning Proof by David Auburn opens this week!

April 27th, 2022

"Proof is the story of an enigmatic young woman, Catherine, her manipulative sister, their brilliant father, and an unexpected suitor. They are all pieces of the puzzle in the search for the truth behind a mysterious mathematical proof."

Ward Kay, our Artistic Director, chose Proof for this season because he is a Math guy and has always been fascinated by the story that Proof tells. It's a play with Math geniuses and numbers, but it's not really a play about Math. It's a play about family, love, and how mental illness can affect your relationships, your genius, and how you love. Everyone should see this show, even those that hate Math.


by David Auburn

Directed by Ward Kay


Jaclyn Robertson as Catherine

Adam Ressa as Hal

Caroline Peterson as Claire

Kevin Dykstra as Robert

April 29th-30th

May 6th-7th

Show starts at 8pm. Doors open at 7:30pm. Tickets are $18.


Meet Sabrina!

April 6th, 2022

We want to give a giant welcome to Sabrina McAllister, our assistant director for The American Plan, opening this summer!
Before moving to Arlington, Virginia, Sabrina volunteered in carpentry, set design, and prop design at a professional theater, working on shows like Mama Mia , West Side Story , and The Sound of Music . She also has local community theater experience doing sound design on radio plays, such as War of the Worlds , and It’s a Wonderful Life . Sabrina is excited to be working on her second show as assistant director and hopes to do more directing work in the future.

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Rave Reviews for The Feral Child

April 1st, 2022

"NOVA Nightsky Theater’s mission to offer entertainment in unconventional places does not in any way take away from the incredible performances but instead enhances them, seeing how the cast and crew transform the fitness studio into a fully functioning theater."

Thank you to our friends at the Falls Church News Press for showing us so much love for The Feral Child!

Read the full review from The Falls News Press here:

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Congratulations to the cast of Proof!

March 2nd, 2022

Congratulations to the cast of the Pulitzer prize winning, Proof, by David Auburn.

Directed by Ward Kay

Catherine: Jaclyn Robertson

Robert: Kevin Dykstra

Hal: Adam Ressa

Claire: Caroline Peterson

Proof runs April 29th-30th & May 6th-7th

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The bedroom is getting full!

February 9th, 2022

Opening Weekend of Leaving Bedrooms is SOLD OUT! We have plenty of tickets left for our second weekend but they are selling quickly. Visit our Box Office to get yours soon so you can join us in the bedroom.

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Congratulations to the cast "The Feral Child"!


Announcing the cast of our next show, "The Feral Child" by Rand Higbee and directed by Ward Kay.


Mary: Melody Dillon

Edith: Katie Carter

Irene: Carla Baechtle

James: Robert Gorman

Victor: Zach Adams


THANK YOU to everyone who shared their talent with us at auditions!

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Auditions for "The Feral Child"

January 15th, 2021

The Feral Child (2M and 3F) is a comedy in two acts about a girl who believes she is a cat.
When she was only 3 years old, Mary Kittinger, along with her entire family, disappeared while on
vacation in India. 10 years later she was discovered living with a family of tigers. Mary had come to
believe that she was a cat. Dr. James Hauser, a renowned child psychologist, eventually takes Mary into
his home, determined to teach her how to become a human being. But Mary may prefer the life of a cat.
The play takes place in the 1970s. 

We are casting for four roles!

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Leaving Bedrooms postponed!

January 4th, 2022

In order to keep our cast/crew and audience members safe, we have postponed Leaving Bedrooms to February.
The new dates are February 11th-12th and 18th-19th.
Perfect timing for a Valentine's Day date night!
Capacity is limited to 20 patrons per show and proof of vaccination & use of a facemask will be required for all guests. Our cast and crew are fully vaccinated.

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Cast Announcement: Leaving Bedrooms


Director Frank Gorrell is thrilled to announce the cast of Leaving Bedrooms!

Marcus: Brandon Benitez

Eric: Michael Angeloni

Liz: Whitney Perez

Heather: Lindsey June

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Grab a meal to go!


Looking for a restaurant to grab a meal from to enjoy at our production at Picnic? Here are our local Falls Church favorites. All are located close to our performance site and all offer to-go options!

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Jaclyn Robertson as Madge & Pat Mahoney as Hal in William Inge's Picnic

The show must go on!


"NOVA Nightsky Theater was preparing for its first-ever production when a tragic accident to one of its lead actresses—who is also a co-founder of the new Falls Church theater—almost derailed the show. She was struck by a car. What follows is a remarkable “the show must go on” storyline." Keith Loria for DC Metro Theater Arts

Photography by Kx Photography

Mama, Madge, and Millie

Tech Week with a Twist


Live theater is just that, it's live. And much like life, it can be unpredictable, exciting, and scary all at once. NOVA Nightsky has experienced this in the past couple of weeks as we have had to regroup after our producer/one of our actors was injured in a serious accident. This week we should be heading into our dress and tech rehearsals, but instead we are re-blocking and restaging to accommodate a less mobile actor so the show can go on. In ordinary circumstances, re-blocking a show this late in the game is a challenge, but lucky for us, we have a group of actors so committed to this show and to each other that it has been nothing short or a joy to experience. We are excited for you to join us for our new version of Picnic! Buy your tickets now because we are close to selling out!


Meet our Choreographer Stacy Crickmer!


Picnic is a play with dancing and we have fabulous dancing thanks to our talented choreographer Stacy Crickmer!

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Call for Director: Leaving Bedrooms


We are searching for a director for our next show, Leaving Bedrooms.

Leaving Bedrooms by Ward Kay

A Romantic Comedy. 2w/2m

Leaving Bedrooms is a journey of romantic recovery in four scenes. Each scene takes place in a different bedroom.

Show dates are January 21st-22nd and 28th-29th. Location is in a private studio in Falls Church VA.

To fill out our application and receive a copy of the script, please submit an application to direct.

Artwork by local Falls Church artist, Samantha Lane Fiddy!


Meet our costumer for Picnic!


Gabby Carter is an actor, cosplayer, and avid volleyball player. She has been in the theatre since she was 8 and loves to tell stories; whether it's as a character or through the costumes, props, and set.


Cast Announcement: Picnic


Director Ward Kay announces the cast of William Inge's Picnic!

Helen Potts: Erica Berry Irving

Hal Carter: Pat Mahoney

Millie Owens: Melody Dillon

Bomber Gutzel: Jason Gonzalez

Madge Owens: Jaclyn Robertson

Flo Owens: Mary Fettes

Rosemary Sydney: Mattie Cohan

Alan Seymour: John Paul Odle

Irma Konkrite: Kirstin Smith

Christine Schoenwalder: Mara Rosenberg

Howard Bevans: Chuck O'Toole

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