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A big welcome to our new team member

Jun 9, 2022

When we created NOVA Nightsky Theater almost a year ago, we knew there was a key person missing from our leadership team. Ward brought his expertise as a playwright and director, and I (Jaclyn) brought my experience as a small business owner, but neither of us had any clue about anything when it came to technical theater. We decided to forge ahead and choose shows that were a light lift with tech so that we wouldn't overwhelm ourselves. We quickly learned that even a show that is "low tech" needs an expert.

Thankfully, Adam fell into our laps while auditioning for a show. He brought us ideas for both The Feral Child and Proof (which he was in) and we knew that we didn't want to keep making art without him on board. We are thrilled to welcome Adam to our leadership team as our Design and Technical Director!

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