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2024 Season

"This is not the family I signed up for..."


Sister Cities

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February 1 - 3, 8 - 11, & 15 - 17

1057 W Broad St

Suite 216

Falls Church, VA 22046


By Alan Ayckbourn

Directed By Ward Kay

Stage Managed by Sarah Baczewski

Sound Design by Ward Kay

Scenic & Lighting Design by Adam Ressa

and Ward Kay

Logo & Graphic Design by Raeanna Nicole Larson

and Adam Ressa

Program Design by Jaclyn Robertson


Chris D'Angelo as REG

April Everett as SARAH

Lauren Morrell as RUTH

Hanlon Smith-Dorsey as NORMAN

Elyse R. Smith as ANNIE

Jesper Sullivan Den Bergh as TOM

Winner of the 2009 Tony Award for best revival of a Play - A hilarious entanglement between three siblings and their respective partners/suitors over the course of a weekend. Part of the Norman Conquests Trilogy.

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March 15 & 16

1057 W Broad St

Suite 216

Falls Church, VA 22046


By Nick Payne

Directed by Fletcher Lowe


Alexandre Oge as ROLAND

Jess Rawls as MARIANNE

Marianne and Roland meet at a London barbecue - in every universe, in every reality. A spiraling and cerebral exploration of the multiverse, this tender love story tears through dimensions of love, heartbreak, and everything in between.

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April  11 - 13, 18 - 20, & 25 - 27

1057 W Broad St

Suite 216

Falls Church, VA 22046

The Glass


By Tennessee Williams

Directed by Hannah Ruth Wellons

Stage Managed by Jaclyn Robertson

Intimacy Coordination by Jessie Tourtellotte

Scenic Design, Props, & Decor by Sabrina McAllister

Lighting Design by Adam Ressa

assisted by Noelani Silverstein

Sound Design by Hannah Ruth Wellons

assisted by Adam Ressa

Logo & Graphic Design by Raeanna Nicole Larson

and Adam Ressa

Program Design by Jaclyn Robertson



Jessie Robertson as AMANDA WINGFIELD


Tom O'Neill as JIM O'CONNER

The Classic Memory Play, recanted by the narrator, Tom, detailing the struggles of young adulthood, living with his introverted sister and overbearing mother in 1930's St. Louis.


The Effect of

Gamma Rays on



By Paul Zindel

Directed By Jessie Roberts


(The role of Beatrice has been precast)

Winner of the 1971 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, the play focuses on a dysfunctional family consisting of a Mother and her two Daughters. Tillie, the youngest daughter, constantly thwarted by her Mother, and bullied at school, seeks refuge by immersing her life in science.


Sister Cities

By Colette Freedman

Directed By Sarah Baczewski


"...The story of four estranged sisters who reunite for their mother’s alleged suicide. Artistic, self-indulgent matriarch Mary, has married four different men and named her daughters after the location of their births... When Mary allegedly kills herself, her four daughters return home and put together the pieces of their fractured lives."


The Ghosts

of US

By Rebecca Gorman O'Neill

Directed By Rob Gorman

2M, 2W

Emma and Jackson are getting a divorce. To fulfill the terms of an ill-conceived prenuptial agreement, they must spend 36 hours together, no modern conveniences or distractions, before their divorce can be legally filed... They each bring backup: Jackson’s best friend Aiden, and Emma’s sister, Sophia...
As alliances shift, old grudges and long-held secrets emerge, until each member of the group is laid metaphorically bare before the others, revealing who is whole and who is broken, who holds the moral high ground, and who actually de-railed long ago."

- Playwright Rebecca Gorman O'Neill (via New Play Exchange)

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