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NOVA Nightsky Theater Welcomes You

We believe the word community is the most important word in "community theater". If you are a local artist who wants to join a fun group of people, we invite you to audition for us!

Nightsky Theater welcomes friends of all races, cultural backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientation, & gender identity to audition for our shows.

Our next round of auditions is for the world premiere of "After the Storm" written by our Artistic Director, Ward Kay. All roles are open for this funny family driven comedy.

After the Storm by Ward Kay
Directed by Sarah Baczewski

Audition Dates:
Saturday August 6th 1pm
Sunday August 7th 1pm
Callbacks if needed: Wednesday August 10th 7pm

Show Dates:
September 29th-October 1st
October 6th-October 8th

Audition Location:
1057 West Broad St Unit 216
Falls Church VA 22046

** Please note that NOVA Nightsky theater requires that all actors, designers, and crew members be vaccinated for COVID-19 and be prepared to show a copy or photo of their vaccination card. **

Our rehearsal schedule will be built based on the availability of the cast. We own our rehearsal space and have lots of flexibility! Please bring a list of all conflicts between August 10th and October 9th. The play will be performed outdoors in or around Falls Church.

SETTING: The ruins of a family home in a small town in Oklahoma
TIME: The present
SYNOPSIS: AFTER THE STORM is a family drama in five scenes about the aftermath of a devastating tornado. MICKEY and CAROLYN exit their storm cellar to discover their house is gone, and the remnants of their lives rest in pieces around them. They are soon joined by their youngest son KYLE and his wife SHANNON, who Carolyn despises. Immediately following the tornado and the next day, underlying fractures in the family’s relationships are exposed as the destruction of this family’s home reveals hidden resentments and secrets. But the devastation also presents the opportunity for a clean slate, and there may be hope yet for this family… 

This is an earthy, realistic dysfunctional family drama that plays out in a 24-hour period, immediately following the destruction of the family’s home. I’m not looking for “Acting” with a capital “A,” but rather, grounded portrayals of these messy characters and finding the truth in the relationships and the moments of discovery as the story unfolds. These characters are not always likable, but they’re human, and they ultimately love each other, even when lashing out at each other.

All races and ethnicities are welcome to audition. Ages are a suggestion; only Kyle’s age is specifically mentioned in the script.

MICKEY (Male, early 60s) – Mickey is a tale of two men: one was a bad husband and a bad father, an alcoholic and a serial philanderer. However, due to various events, Mickey went straight about six years ago (minus one brief relapse, four years ago) and has since been proving himself as a worthwhile husband and father. He’s a stoic fellow and not terribly sentimental, but he loves his wife and children. As Shannon calls it, his “love language” is “acts of service,” and he wants to fix things. 5 scenes.
CAROLYN (Female, early 60s) – Mickey’s wife. She stayed with Mickey through the rough years of his alcoholism and infidelity but has been harboring resentment for it that even she didn’t quite realize. She’s a happy homemaker, who loves to shop and lovingly create a beautiful home. Losing her home is a huge blow and throws her into deep mourning, lashing out at those closest to her. Without her lovely home, she suddenly is disconcerted to see what remains in her life: a lackluster marriage and their disappointing, screwed-up kids. 3 scenes.
KYLE (Male, 30) – Mickey & Carolyn’s youngest son (of three siblings). He’s a solid guy who is happy working as a team captain for a landscaping company and married to Shannon. They don’t have a lot of money, but they’re happy, if somewhat tempestuous. But he’s frustrated that he doesn’t get more respect from his parents, especially his mom who hates his wife. The family home has always represented an escape pod for Kyle, the place where he can escape to when fighting with Shannon. Its sudden loss forces him to finally grow up and accept new responsibilities. 4 scenes.
SHANNON (Female, late 20s/early 30s) – Kyle’s wife. A hairdresser, she’s a bubbly, optimistic woman who embraces life and her in-laws, even when it’s not reciprocated. She’s touchy-feely; as she puts it, her love language is “physical touch.” She stands up for Kyle when she feels his mother is treating him rudely. 4 scenes.
DEPUTY GUTHRIE (Female, 35-60) – A practical deputy with the Sheriff’s department, she’s making the rounds after the tornado to see who needs emergency assistance. She has an existing relationship with Mickey, which is revealed to be through Nar-Anon or AA. There’s a suggestion that she might have been attracted to Mickey, but they never engaged in a personal relationship as they met after he was “on the wagon.” 2 scenes.
JACKIE (Female, 35-60) – Insurance adjustor. She had an affair with Mickey a while back and is interested in picking up where they left off as she’s newly single. Refers to herself as not a one-man girl. She previously dumped him because her biological clock was ticking. However, she’s gracious in rejection and doesn’t have a problem reverting to strictly business when he declines her advances. 2 scenes.

Audition sides will be emailed to you prior to auditions.