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NOVA Nightsky Theater Welcomes You

We believe the word community is the most important word in "community theater". If you are a local artist who wants to join a fun group of people, we invite you to audition for us!

We are casting for the world premiere of "Leaving Bedrooms" by Ward Kay, our Artistic Director and Co-Founder.

Audition Dates:
Monday, October 18 and Tuesday, October 19.
Call-backs, Wednesday, October 20.

Show dates:

January 21st, 22nd, 28th, & 29th 

1057 West Broad St Unit 216
Falls Church VA 22046

** Please note that NOVA Nightsky theater requires that all actors, designers, and crew members be vaccinated for COVID-19 and be prepared to show a copy or photo of their vaccination card. **

A romantic comedy, 4 characters (2m,2f). A journey of romantic recovery in four scenes. Each scene takes place in a different bedroom.
Scene 1: Anger. Marcus is breaking up with the woman he has lived with for three years. His friend Eric tries to get him to apologize and reconcile. In the end, Eric offers his fiancée’s apartment for a sublet.
Scene 2: Depression. Marcus has spent months not doing much in the sublet apartment. The owner Liz shows up, after she has broken up with Eric, wanting the apartment back.
Scene 3: Rebound. Marcus is in Heather’s bedroom, a woman he met on Tinder.
Scene 4: Recovery. At Eric’s wedding in Aruba. Marcus finally finds his romantic recovery.

Characters Description: All characters are in the age between college and marriage. The characters can be any race or ethnicity. Marcus is in all the scenes. The others are in two scenes. Marcus and Heather will be in bathing suits and/or underwear.
Marcus: Plays the gamut of emotions of moving from a bad relationship to recovery.
Eric: A nice guy who takes the blows of his friend’s anger.
Liz: Intelligent and sarcastic. Deals with Marcus’s depression in the midst of her own romantic crisis.
Heather: She has a past that is a barrier to her relationships. Smart and sexy.

Scripts are available for perusal. Email

Audition sides will be emailed to you prior to auditions.