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2022 Season

Picnic by William Inge

By William Inge

October 15th-16th & 22nd-23rd, 2021

Nova Nightsky's inaugural production. 

A young vagabond jumps off a train in a small Midwestern town

... and forever disrupts the sleepy lives of it's residents.


Directed by Ward Kay


Helen Potts: Erica Berry Irving

Hal Carter: Pat Mahoney

Millie Owens: Melody Dillon

Bomber Gutzel: Jason Gonzalez

Madge Owens: Jaclyn Robertson

Flo Owens: Mary Fettes

Rosemary Sydney: Mattie Cohan

Alan Seymour: John Paul Odle

Irma Konkrite: Kirstin Smith

Christine Schoenwalder: Mara Rosenberg

Howard Bevans: Chuck O'Toole

Performed at the American Legion in Falls Church.

Leaving Bedrooms

Leaving Bedrooms
By Ward Kay

February 11th-12th & 18th-19th

The premiere of Leaving Bedrooms and the launch of our studio series!


Leaving Bedrooms is a romantic comedy and a journey of romantic recovery in four scenes. PG-13


Directed by Frank Gorrell


Marcus: Brandon Benitez

Eric: Michael Angeloni

Liz: Whitney Perez

Heather: Lindsey June

Performed in the Nova Nightsky Studio in Falls Church.

The Feral Child

The Feral Child
By Rand Higbee

March 25th-26th & April 1st-2nd

A comedy in two acts about a girl who believes she is a cat.
When she was only 3 years old, Mary Kittinger, along with her entire family, disappeared while on vacation in India. 10 years later she was discovered living with a family of tigers. Mary had come to believe that she was a cat. Dr. James Hauser, a renowned child psychologist, eventually takes Mary into his home, determined to teach her how to become a human being. But Mary may prefer the life of a cat.

Directed by Ward Kay


Mary: Melody Dillon

Edith: Katie Carter

Irene: Carla Baechtle

James: Robert Gorman

Victor: Zach Adams


Performed in the Nova Nighsky Studio in Falls Church.


By David Auburn

April 29th-30th & May 6th-7th

On the eve of her 25th birthday, Catherine, a troubled young woman, has spent years caring for her brilliant but unstable father, a famous mathematician. Proof takes place over a long weekend and the audience will have to decide how much of her father's madness-or genius-Catherine has inherited.

Proof is presented with permission from Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Directed by Ward Kay


Jaclyn Robertson as Catherine

Adam Ressa as Hal

Caroline Peterson as Claire

Kevin Dykstra as Robert

Performed in the Nova Nightsky Studio in Falls Church.

Proof review

Proof Examines Complicated Family Relationships

May 12th, 2022

"This wasn’t a show I had any familiarity with but immediately found myself drawn in to. As someone who has dealt with mental health struggles many times before, I was incredibly interested in Catherine’s character as she deals with her own mental health issues while taking care of her father then going through the grieving process." Amanda Snead for the Falls Church News Press

Read our entire review at the Falls Church News Press

The American Plan

The American Plan
By Richard Greenberg

June 17th-18th & 24th-25th

In 1960 widow Eva Adler has traveled to her vacation home in the Catskills with her socially awkward daughter Lili. Lili meets Nick Lockridge and they develop a romantic relationship over the course of the summer. Eva is against any relationship and works to discredit Nick.

Directed by Paul DiSalvo
Assistant Director Sabrina McAllister


Lily Adler played by Constance Meade

Eva Adler played by Mara Rosenberg

Nick Lockridge played by Zach Adams

Gil Harbison played by Justin Meyer

Olivia Shaw played by Eva Shinagel


Our production was outdoors in the back parking lot of the Falls Church Presbyterian Church.

Review for The American Plan by Falls Church News Press

NOVA Nightsky’s ‘The American Plan’ Is a Brave, Emotional Success

June 24th, 2022

"In addition to the stellar acting, deft direction and characterization and the inherent intelligence of the play itself, this production takes time to deconstruct love and portray its gentle sweetness, beauty and tenderness while never shrinking away from the explosive, violent, vengeful underbelly of what love can make people do.
NOVA Nightsky’s production of “The American Plan” is, in a word, excellent, and highly recommended." Alex Russell for the Falls Church News Press

As You Like It

As You Like It
By William Shakespeare

August 4th-6th & 11th-13th

Forced into exile in the Forest of Arden, lovers Rosalind and Orlando become entangled in a beguiling game of love, lust and mistaken identity.


Directed by Chuck O'Toole


Erica Irving as Rosalind

John Paul Odle as Orlando

Mattie Cohan as Corin

Will MacLeod as Silvius

Stu Fischer as the Dukes

Jack Mayo as Jacques

Danielle Taylor as Touchstone

Kate Medwar-Vanderlinden as Phoebe

Ariana MacLeod as Audrey

Shannon McCarthy as Oliver

Kirstin Lindsay as LeBeau, Amiens, and Hymen

Brittany Huffman as Celia

Gabby Carter as Charles and William

Randall Kish as Adam and Sir Oliver Mar-Text

Our production was outdoors on the property of Vienna Baptist Church.

After the Storm by Ward Kay

After The Storm
By Ward Kay

September 29th-October 1st & October 6th-8th

Mickey and Carolyn emerge from their storm shelter to discover their home is destroyed. Their youngest child, Kylie, and daughter-in-law, Shannon, come over. Each character reacts to the disaster differently. Carolyn has spent her life’s energy on two things: her children and her home. Her children are disappointments, so the loss of her house defeats her. Mickey is a recovering alcoholic, former womanizer and a terrible father who is trying to make amends. He responds to the storm damage by trying to salvage what he can from the wreckage of his house, and his family. Kylie is 30 years old with low ambitions. The destruction of their childhood home shocks them to realize it’s time to grow up and start their own family. Shannon tries to find the good in the situation, which annoys the other characters. Carolyn gets frustrated and starts a physical altercation with her daughter-in-law which is broken up by a sheriff deputy. She spews her anger and frustration with her husband, children and the damage and leaves. The next day, Mickey meets with the insurance adjuster, who turns out to be an ex-lover, and gets a quick payout. When Carolyn comes, he has to re-woo his wife and come up with a new plan for their life together.

Directed by Sarah Baczewski


Frank Gorrell as Mickey

Mary Fettes as Carolyn

Emel Haddad as Kylie

Sharon Kim as Shannon

Eva Shinagel as Jackie

Jill Goodrich as Officer Guthrie

Our production was outdoors at Falls Church Presbyterian Church.

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